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About glory

Our Vision

keyboard_personTo become one of the best schools in India for learning Music, Developing Skills and Music gift for the glory of God, To Make Music the part of curriculum of schools all over India, Glory Musics also functions with the vision to draw people towards the real worship in the God expects.


Glory Music is Place for Learning : 1 it functions with more than two teachers currently and more teachers are expected to join us in the near future ahead, both one-to-one and group are available and you can choose whichever will be comfortable for you.

Generally advice frequency for the classes is twice a week but one class per week is the mostly preferred frequency , students are located anywhere in Goa can get the classes from their residence, if you wish, you can attend group classed outside home or at mr. Stephen’s residence.

Our Fees Structure:

An Admission fee 1,000 Rs. is payable at the beginning and the monthly fees depend on the method of teaching you prefer  Please Contact to Mr. Stephen for more information.

Fees Details